Activation Windows 10 MS ToolKit

Activation Windows 10 MS ToolKit is very useful software. The moment when you could get Win 10 for free is passed. And now only way to do so – use special programs. This Toolkit is one of them. It’s an utility for obtaining the license at no cost. It can activate not only Pro edition of OS, but also Enterprise and Home editions. After getting the license, you can openly update your OS.

Activation Windows 10 MS ToolKit

MS Toolkit is complex software, which include license-managing tools, keys modificators and activators. It’s worth mentioning, that Activation Windows 10 MS ToolKit starting from 2.5 version can work offline, without connecting to web.

EZ-Activator is menu, where you can select necessary tool for activation. Just find your OS in pull-down list and select “Activate”.

Advantages of MS ToolKit:

  • This program was developed by MS themselves, so it can’t harm your OS.
  • Utility is easy in navigation and obtaining license is dependable.
  • Obtaining license will be infinite because of automatic re-activation.
  • Activator units are built-in (for example, EZ-activator and Automatic KMS).
  • One software can activate a lot of operation systems.
  • Special unit verifies activation (unique feature).
  • Activation can be done with and without using the web.
  • Manually activation feature with mobile phone or Skype.


!Very important step! If you get license for Win 10, deactivate Win Defender and Antiviruses during activation period (open Win Defender -> select Settings ->turn off realtime security). After the procedure, you can sitch on the protection.

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • Open Toolkit.exe with admin rights.
  • Pick Win icon (at right).
  • Click on “Product keys“.
  • Read all data about your OS be choosing “check system” button.
  • Select your operation system type and edition.
  • Pick “Install”.
  • After that, select “Activation” tab and pick “EZ-Activator” (allotted green).
  • Wait required time.

Done! Now you can freely use your OS.