Activation Windows 8.1 KMS Auto

There are some reasons for Activation Windows 8.1 KMS Auto. The key motivation is getting full and handy OS functional. Indeed, non-activated OS has configuration restrictions and reboots every 12 hours. Moreover, it contains annoying watermarks and messages. So, let us repeat a question once more. Do you need lifetime Activation Windows 8.1 KMS Auto for free? Let us guess the answer. Yes. Thus, you must do one thing more - just download KMSAuto activator form our site. Users are welcome to get software without any payments, registrations and SMS.

Activation Windows 8.1 KMS Auto

App algorithm is quite simple. KMS Activator starts when OS is booting up. You may find program in a system tray. Tool provides users with info about all MS products needed license. Moreover, app automatically reactivates expired software. Alternatively, users have an option to plan MS products reactivation themselves.

The rest advantages KMSAuto:

  • Activates Windows 8.1, 10 as well as Office 2010 and latter releases.
  • Transforms Retail License into in Volume one.
  • Gets detailed activation statistics.
  • Makes trial counter updates.
  • Allows OS backup.
  • Gives lifetime genuine license.
  • Has user-friendly interface with one-click activation option.

Let us describe in details how activate OS correctly. You need just following the next clear rules:

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • Run executable item in admin mode.
  • Click Active button in opened frame.
  • Wait OS has to reboot.
  • Enjoy with lifetime license.

We do not ask you to turn off antiviruses. However, part of them is incorrectly block activators. It should not happen with KMS activation algorithm. However, who knows. So, if something was going wrong just turn AV off temporary. Your antiviruses will automatically turn on when activation is finished.

KMSAuto presents almost legal activation algorithm and contains no viruses, Trojans, etc. App has up to date module. It allows keeping actual activator version automatically. So, it may activates Windows 11 release too if one will released.