Activator Windows 8.1 Microsoft ToolKit

Activator Windows 8.1 Microsoft ToolKit is set of tools providing automatic licensing of MS products. Download app from our site for free without registration, SMS and other annoying things. Software is suitable for both user types: skilled one and blondes. Indeed, it is possible to configure activation parameters with a number of settings. If you do not like it then use one-click approach. This options works too.

Activator Windows 8.1 Microsoft ToolKit

Activator Windows 8.1 Microsoft ToolKit starts up simultaneously with OS. App checks what kind MS software is installed. The next step is total activation. Activator gives lifetimes licenses for OS and Office. Moreover, app checks its expiration date and prolongates ones if necessary. So, everything is doing automatically.

Any case, App has much more advantages:

  • Full info support. Tool shows product keys, license types and activation statistics too.
  • Restoration function. App make license backup. It allows users to restore previous OS.
  • License transformation. Software changes Retail products to Volume ones.
  • Renew Trial Counter. It is useful option if you want to has unlimited trial period.

You do not have to use all activator options. App gives users a nice possibility to fix OS, Office by one click. So, choose your way and have a good time with free software from us.

Do you have any questions how to use activator? If yes, follow step by step operation manual:

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • Run ToolKIt.
  • Follow to Activation tab.
  • Choose AutoKMS in toolbox.
  • Click EZ-Activator button.
  • Reboot OS.

Congrats, you have lifetime license for Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 and any Office beginning release since 2010.

Most of antiviruses do not block activator. However some AV may do it. So, if you have any problems with ToolKit installation, just turn antivirus off temporary. You may safely turn AV on a little bit later.