Microsoft DirectX 12

Microsoft DirectX 12 is one of mandatory OS components. It ensures correct operating of multimedia and gaming apps. This is especially relevant software for fans of high quality gaming with 3D effects and animation.

Microsoft DirectX 12

Microsoft DirectX 12 represents GPU libraries package. One represents the newest release of integrated Windows technology. It helps users to play high-speed games on their PCs. The 12-th issue includes API functions, as well as multimedia libraries. These elements provide the exchange of OS components with GPU drivers, sound cards. Therefore, the package provides playback of video, animation, sound and music, as well as displaying full-color computer graphics.

The module absence on PC may lead to OS failures. Moreover, many programs will not be possible to run. Using older versions of DirectX 12 is also bad. This limits the software functionality. Therefore, it is so important to ensure that new release is installed on PC.

One of the main tasks of new library is GPU performance increasing. Software allows games to use all available GPU cores. Moreover, it provides them to be loaded at full capacity. The optimization effect is impressive. Results in the popular 3D Mark test showed from 10-fold to 15x performance increasing.

Nevertheless, this is not all. It promises performance growth not only for powerful desktop systems. Is does the same for weaker devices, such as laptops and tablets. Of course, this does not mean that they will miraculously turn into a full-fledged alternative to the desktop PC game. However, new library offers smoother and better graphics. There is one more exciting thing. The new interface provides a much more efficient algorithm of tasks distribution between integrated and discrete graphics.

Users should not have any troubles to install DirectX. However, we provide you with step by step manual to avoid spontaneous mistakes.

Please, follow the next instruction:

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • Run executable file.
  • Wait till installer is finished.
  • Enjoy with multimedia and games.