Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is powerful aid to optimize PC. Want to check it? Download small app right now without payments.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Installing Windows, anyone should not relax. In near future, you have to expect painstaking work on setting up OS parameters. Without a doubt, it is not obligatory thing. However, your PC speed will drop dramatically. Especially, tweaking is so important in a case of old PCs. It helps everyone to get good performance even with a lack of resources.

There is one problem. By a fact, not every user is able to independently optimize OS. In principle, this is not required. Alternatively, you may use Ultimate Windows Tweaker. Our site offers downloading app for free, avoiding SMS and registration. There is just one click that separates you from a unique tool. The app has a technical nature. However, user friendly interface will not get confused you in a variety of parameters. In addition, there is an alternative for users, who do not want to configure settings themselves. It is named automatic OS setting. Select this item in the program menu and get optimized PC.

The next good news is complete information about OS. Software provides a list of accounts, hardware info and shows other PC resources. Another reason to use the utility is security. App helps users to configure browser for that.

Attractable properties of Windows Tweaker:

  • Configuration of standard system functions for better performance.
  • Stylish design.
  • Auto OS optimization as an option.
  • Secure net browsing.

Program can be used immediately after download. App does not require a separate installation. However, we still give a brief instruction on how to run the utility.

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • Run executable file.
  • Enjoy with OS optimization.

Actually, app is fully autonomic. It checks OS daily, making configuration changes if necessary.