Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO

Microsoft Corporation invites all users of popular OS to celebrate its anniversary. Indeed, now Windows (OS that has almost been liked by everyone), reached their 10th version. Not all releases turned out to be successful, but the last version is worked out extremely well. You can get it for free by downloading Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO directly from us.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO

Access to disk image is provided without restrictions for our visitors. There are no hidden fees, registration and SMS sending. What do you get in fact for one click? This is a standalone ISO image of OS anniversary release. Let's take a closer look at what to expect from it.

Short overview:

The 10th edition has already been improved by many assemblies. Each subsequent update was accompanied by the enhancement of functions and addition of their number. At the same time, OS was accumulating amazing innovations. They pleased users with performance quality and colorful graphic effects too. New styles, icons, elegant fonts - all this has already decorated 10th OS assembly. Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO has incorporated the best solutions of development team. In addition, it contains two excellent applications. First one is Microsoft Edge. There second item too, named Cortana.

What does each of them represent? Most users already know answer to this question. Let us remind it for the rest. MS Edge is a next-generation web browser. It is intended to replace, IE that never found the love of users. Both browsers are present in parallel inside OS. Cortana is a result of the rapid development of IT technologies. Voice assistant is a modern solution that effectively replaces text tips. Do you want to evaluate the genuine versions of both applications for free? So what are you waiting for, download the automatically installed OS image right now from us.

Microsoft took into account some users intention to a competitive system product - Linux. Therefore, the jubilee edition has a powerful GNU Bash shell. Thus, within the 10-th OS you get a chance to use the capabilities of both competing products.

Simple user manual:

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • Run executable module as admin.
  • Reboot.
  • Enjoy valid anniversary OS.