Windows 10 Pro Black x64

The summer is already over, and you still do not have got release of June OS? This is a very reckless decision. Download Windows 10 Pro Black x64 right now to update the themes and improve PC performance. Our site offers stand-alone DVD ISO OEM RTM with optimized settings for 64-bit systems for free. Other restrictions are also missing. This means registration and SMS are not required. Do not waste any time. Just evaluate improved interface for new OS issue.

Windows 10 Pro Black x64

Review of Windows 10 Pro Black x64:

The latest OS version continues to improve daily. An example is Pro Black release. MS corporation has added new unique features to product, updated its content and interface. Moreover, privacy protection has improved too. Pro Black release is targeted to the maximum user comfort. For these purposes, additional options are implemented. One of them is a firewall with improved characteristics. Separate attention is paid to compatibility with other devices. As a result, work is getting much better.

It is worth paying attention to a powerful Internet surfing tool. This is Microsoft Edge Browser. A new solution for remote management is also provided. The interface pleases users with new themes, icons and fonts. The ability to return to the familiar interface is also present. It can be found in the Start menu settings. New edition is replete with a variety of gadgets.

Features of Pro Black x64 June build:

  • High performance.
  • Easy and powerful OS implementation.
  • Added many new features, components, and themes.
  • Significant improvements in confidentiality and system security.
  • An expanded version of the Edge browser is presented.
  • Improved remote control.
  • Compatibility with other devices has been worked out.

There are extremely simple step by step user manual:

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • Move all files to separate directory.
  • Run installer as admin.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Wait till OS install is finished.
  • Enjoy new Pro Black June build.