Windows 10 Pro Creators Update

Windows 10 Pro Creators Update is excellent tool for designers. It is distributed free of charge. The product is also known by an alternate name – Redstone. Next, we present the most intriguing features of the proposed update.

Windows 10 Pro Creators Update


A new app Paint 3D creates three-dimensional models. Users are able to scan the object applying a phone and technology Capture 3D Experience. Further, created scan can be inserted into Paint 3D model and edit it. This technology is functionalized on platforms: Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.

Night-Vision option

New Night Shift function works as follows. At night, the color temperature of the screen automatically becomes warmer. This reduces the strain on eyes. A similar function is added to many operating systems, including Night Shift in iOS.

Gaming enhancement

Windows 10 Pro Creators Update for designers has been supported by GameMode. It improves game performance both platforms: new Microsoft UWP and old Win32. The built-in Game DVR function is supplemented with the possibility of broadcasting. Users are able to stream the gameplay in Xbox Live applying real time mode. Your friends on will receive an alert if you start the broadcast. This function will be integrated on all Windows 10 devices. Games downloaded from the Windows Store now come with drivers for the graphics subsystem. Users who buy a game on the Windows Store automatically receive a supported driver for the launch and stable operation of the video game.

You are able to get Creators Update from our web site for free. No registration has required. Just use a single-click technology to get update setup.

The installing procedure is extremely simple. Lets learn some instructions. Presented step by step manual allows you setup update quickly and safely:

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • Create new directory.
  • Move extracted files to that separate folder.
  • Run setup applying admin settings.
  • Follow appeared instructions. Just make confirmation for everything.
  • Wait till installing process is over.
  • Reboot OS.

Enjoy with 100% free Creator Update. Module enhances your 3D drawing and makes gaming performance extremely fast.