Windows 7 Activation Key

You’ll need Windows 7 Activation Key in case then your copy of OS is not registered. Win 7 – is next official Microsoft OS after XP and Vista. It is still popular among many people. It brings a lot of innovative features, which are very convenient for those, who’ve just started using their PC or laptop. This OS is for people, who want to work comfortable and don’t want to have any problems.

Windows 7 Activation Key

What is new in Win 7?

  • Work on the desktop is faster than in previous OS.
  • It supports noticeably more software than Vista.
  • The Start Menu was changed. Now it is much more organized and simpler. You can get access to applications very fast and manage them in a few clicks.
  • OS can run on PC with low specifications.
  • Windows Store and apps were added in addition to standard programs.
  • Quality of translation on 7 is much better than on previous OS.
  • Task manager and search system were added. They allow easily track any data and improve multitasks.
  • This is the first OS, which support PCs with touchscreens. Keyboard is no longer needed!
  • After installation of OS with support of Windows 7 Activation Key, you’ll get some free software and antivirus.
  • The reaction to actions on desktop is much faster. Navigation is more easy and convenient.
  • Control panel also was changed to some extent.

About Installation:

In order to get free Win 7, there is a need in breaking the activation crack. You won’t do that without key management systems. But now developers released special crack. With it this issue is not important anymore. You just have to copy one of the keys, crack the code and register your copy of OS. After that you can freely use your OS.


  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • Copy one of the keys, crack the code and register your copy of OS.