Windows 7 Cyborg Gamer Edition Sp1 x64

Windows 7 Cyborg Gamer Edition Sp1 x64 is oriented to PC gaming fans. Standard OS has been overloaded many unused functions, services and etc. AS result, GPU is not functionalizing as fast as it should be. Modified OS version has freed from ballast. It significantly increases gaming performance. AS result, mouse pointer has extremely smooth moving. In addition, graphics quality are increased simultaneously with decreasing delay times.

Windows 7 Cyborg Gamer Edition Sp1 x64

Many additional improvements:

There is one nicer thing about Windows 7 Cyborg Gamer Edition Sp1 x64. It has automatic activating function. Moreover, SP1 is included into offered package as well as a lot of drivers. So, users gets fully loaded OS version. No extra installations are required. Just start to play games immediately with the greatest performance. OS is suitable with 64-bit architecture. It opened for users the last released games.

Free downloading:

There is final wonderful thing about Cyborg Gamer Edition. Whole package may be downloaded for free. Moreover, there are not any inconvenient requests too. The registration is not necessary. SMS sending is skipped. We propose you to download OS without any hidding fees. Just make a single click to get extremely fast gaming perfomance forever.

How to install:

The setup procedure is very fast and simple. It takes only 30 minutes of your time. We provide our guests with step by step manual. It helps make installing quickly and safely.

Please follow the detailed instructions:

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • Use special ISO tools for virtual DVD drive creating. Otherwise, move setup files into a separate directory.
  • Check if you have any important files on bootable disk. Save ones.
  • Run setup applying admin rights.
  • Follow all system requests.
  • Fill appeared text boxes for your profile creating.
  • Wait till procedure is over.
  • Reboot OS.

Enjoy with new look of interface and extremely accelerated gaming performance. OS is now really stable. It is completely ready for hi-edge game software runs.