Windows 7 Final Remix Gamer Edition x64

Windows 7 Final Remix Gamer Edition x64 is non-official modification of the same OS. It is basically oriented on gaming fan community. All OS improvements are targeted to increase performance and stability the latest games on your PC. As results, many of hardly important OS functions were removed. It frees system recourses and redirects ones to better GPU performing.

Windows 7 Final Remix Gamer Edition x64

The key enhancements of Gamer Edition:

  • There is not a user tracking anymore.
  • Increasing of icon cache is realized.
  • UAC options is disabled too.
  • Enable using enlarged system cache.
  • Disk checking timeout is reduced to 5 sec.
  • The showdown speed is increased.
  • Extremely accelerated launching all startup apps.
  • Enhanced OS shell response.

There are two version of installing package: ISO image and standard archive. We recommend using a first one. Advantage of ISO format is universal suitability. It may be easily burned to DVD disk. Alternatively ISO image is ready to make bootable USB flash.

Ours web site offers Windows 7 Final Remix Gamer Edition x64 with no limitations. The most important message: it costs nothing for you . Yes, our visitors are welcomed to get Gamer Edition free of charges. The hidden fees, registration procedures and SNS sending are completely absent. There is a single-click downloading technology realized for package.

You are not going to face up any difficulties during installing procedure. One is quite easy. However, we support users with step by step manual.

There are detailed setup instructions. Please follow its to install OS quickly, safely and successfully:

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • Use ISO special utilities to create a virtual DVD drive. Otherwise, move setup contains into a separate directory.
  • Be sure you do not have any private files on bootable disk.
  • Run setup applying admin rights.
  • Follow all system instructions.
  • Fill any appeared text boxes if you were asked.
  • Wait till procedure is over.
  • Reboot OS.

Enjoy with extremely enhanced gaming performance. OS is now really stable and ready for hi-edge game software.