Windows 7 Pro x64 Rog Rampage 2018

Windows 7 Pro x64 Rog Rampage 2018 is designed as improved modification of popular OS. These changes were oriented on performance enhancement and mobile devices suitability. As result, OS now fully supports tablets. In addition, gamers have fast and high quality entertainment. OS includes all latest updates. So you will skip boring additional procedure of system software installing.

Windows 7 Pro x64 Rog Rampage 2018

Rog Rampage OS version is offered by our web site for free. There are not any other restrictions. Our visitors are not required to be registered that get download link. This is only one requirement. You need to make a single click in order to start OS downloading. After that you will have many OS improvements.

The most important OS modifications:

  • Fixing non-English keyboards.
  • Enhancement of system storage.
  • Full mobile devices support including Tablet PCs.
  • All system updates.
  • Colorful new themes as Darg Rog and others.
  • All necessary codecs presence.
  • Updated drivers and most important non-system applications.
  • General code and registry clean up.
  • The latest flash player and others plugins.
  • Added lite extremely tweaked version of Adobe Reader.
  • Removed unlocker.
  • Full utilities package included archivators, multimedia players and etc.
  • Improved 2560x1440px resolution.

In addition, users of Windows 7 Pro x64 Rog Rampage 2018 are supported with extremely high security level. All you private information, documents and photos are hard protected. There are complex antivirus supporting too.

Let us now to make a short introduction into installing technology. This procedure is quite simple. Any case, it is better to read step by step manual.

Please follow presented detailed instructions. It is nice way to install OS quickly and safely:

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • It is better to create a virtual drive for ISO-image. Otherwise, just move all setup files to a separate folder.
  • Run installer as admin.
  • Follow all system instructions.
  • Wait till setup process is over.
  • Reboot OS.

Congratulations, you have got universal and stable OS. It is especially accented for Tablet PCs owners and gamers.