Windows 8.1 Pro Preview Build 9374 x86

Assembling Windows 8.1 Pro Preview Build 9374 x86 at the release date has created a lot of rumors. The Internet literally boiled, arguing how real its version was. It seemed to many people that talking about new assembly was just a waste of time. As you can see, OS turned out to be real. Moreover, you can easily get the famous build right now. Our site offers to do this for free. Registration and SMS sending are not required. Therefore, do not waste time. Just download OS.

Windows 8.1 Pro Preview Build 9374 x86

The new system should be represented in more detail. Windows 8.1 Pro Preview Build 9374 x86 is the most stable assembly since 7th version release of popular OS. It is suitable for users who have not yet decided to switch to Windows 10. An alternative build advantage is its use on old PCs. OS is implemented under 86-bit, as can be seen from its name. Therefore, if you need to install a new system on an old PC, then this assembly is for you.

Another amazing moment is the built-in activation. Indeed, after installing you get a completely genuine OS. We even provide a serial key to MS product:


Enter it on request during installing process. Be prepared that the built-in activator will turn on automatically. He will grant you a lifetime license. It is 100% valid and resistant to system updates.

Are you ready follow step by step manual installing new OS build? If yes, then lets start:

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • Move all files to separate folder.
  • Run executable installer as admin.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Enter a serial key if asked.
  • Wait till OS install is completely finished.
  • Let activator to get you genuine license. App runs automatically.
  • Confirm OS reboot.

Enjoy valid license for lifetime. It will be never expired. Moreover, OS keep activation status even after updates.