Windows 8 Ultimate Highly Compressed 10MB

Windows 8 Ultimate Highly Compressed 10MB – is firstly created revolutionary OS setup package. It accented to help people with fast and safe system product installing. The key advantage of amazing package is a high-leveled data compression. Indeed, the huge almost 4 GB disk is squeezed to tiny size – 10 MB. It is really wonderful, is not it. Moreover, there are not any data losses. As result, users are provided with small lossless OS setup file.

Windows 8 Ultimate Highly Compressed 10MB

The extraction time is a bit prolonged. It takes 4 – 7 minutes to transform highly compressed archive into installing package. However, it is a really good price for fast downloading and space saving. Do you need that small and amazing release of 8-th OS version? If yes then do not hesitate to follow our downloading link.

There is one more wonderful message. The Windows 8 Ultimate Highly Compressed 10MB is provided for free absolutely. In addition, the activation tool is integrated into setup package. Users will receive fully automatic installing tool. There are not any inconvenient restrictions to getting a program product. The registration process is absent. The annoying SMS proofing is not required too. The OS downloading is available just with one click.

How to install package:

The automatic setup scheme is realized inside a package. It requires from users just instruction following. Despite simplicity of setup procedure, we provide web site visitors with step by step manual.

Please, follow the next guides for safe and correct OS installing:

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • Create a separate folder and move package content inside it.
  • Run exe module applying admin rights.
  • Follow setup instructions.
  • The activator will start automatically when OS is completely installed.
  • Click Apply button to initiate a licensing process.
  • Wait till activating procedure is over.
  • Reboot OS.

Be happy with really genuine 8-th version of most popular OS. Your license has a lifetime warranty. You will never being asked for extension of activating. In addition, users are free to apply any system updates.