Windows XP Gold Edition SP3 2018

Windows XP Gold Edition SP3 2018 is a real treasure in the field of the presented system software. Do you really think that XP era has irretrievably gone into the past? The new release completely refutes this. OS provides significant help users who have old PCs.

Windows XP Gold Edition SP3 2018

The extremely stability of XP version is well-known fact. There are two more important factors are added. This is a clever resource management from 7-th and a powerful security system of 10-th Windows. And this complex works even for very old PCs, without loss of performance.

Do you still expect? Stop wasting time. The link to Gold XP image is waiting for you on our portal. Registration, SMS and other blunt stuff are not required. Moreover, the entire package is provided absolutely free of charge. And it includes not only OS setup. ISO archive also contains a valid product key. Therefore, the user gets a real version of XP, individually customized for him.

Do you need some extra arguments? That is not a big deal. Windows XP Gold Edition SP3 2018 compares favorably due to set of amazing features. These are:

  • All updates are included.
  • Full driver set, with SATA items too.
  • Many new themes have been added.
  • A powerful package of important utilities is embedded in disk image.
  • Really simple automatic setup from ISO file.
  • Lightweight size.
  • Golden interface design.
  • The last version of DirectX is present.
  • Important libraries as Run-time and VisualC are included.

Now this is time to retarget your attention on correct setup procedure. We represents detailed instructions for these purposes. Please carefully follow simple step by step manual:

  • Download and Extract archived (use the password windows).
  • There are two possibilities to work with ISO. You may use virtual drive or extract everything to a new folder.
  • Run setup file with admin rights.
  • Just wait for a while.
  • Reboot OS.
  • Congratulations, you are owner of powerful XP release.


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